Dalit Mercier

SodaGum aka Skull-gum on deviantART
Dalit's Template
Genre: General
Format: Story
Rating: G

Dalit is a scout and messanger of Big Green.


Dalit was born in the dark port town edges of Hidden Kingdom. Her parents died away at an early age, too early for her to remember, but Dalit was raised by her three brothers. The port town they lived in suited to them, for her three brothers were crew members of a pirate ship. She developed a love of the ocean and ocean life living there. However, her life made a turn for the worse when her brothers took her on a voyage. They discovered a new land that has not been charted before, and decided to dock. It was there that they met a wish granting being by the name of Heaven. Dalit was sparred from Heaven's dark magic from her brothers, but it killed the three of them, leaving her alone.

After that fateful day, Dalit was raised by the fellow crew members of that ship. The one that took care of her most was Charolette, the local innkeeper. Charolette raised Dalit like a mother would had. A few years past, and Dalit believed she should discover some things for herself. She rode with her crew the mainland of Hidden Kingdom. It was there that she learned ancient history and techniques that made her a versatile fighter. However she wandered to a place where even her skills could not possibly help; the Badlands. Dalit would have been killed if it was not for Commander Ape Truly and First Squad from rescuing her. After regaining her health, Dalit joined Big Green as a scout for the team.


Dalit is a average female human with a slender hourglass shape. She wears two light blue buns in her black hair to keep it short. Both of her eyes are purple, but they can change color depending on her mood/state or mind. She wears an elegant purple dress with touches of red and black that has the sun, moon, and eclipse pictured on it.


Dalit is a rather quiet human. She does not speak up unless she wants/needs to be heard. She is zero tolerant to negative feedback from her teammates but very tolerant of her boyfriend. Dalit finds history, legends, and mythology very interesting and will sometimes read a book for days if it catches her attention. However she is very acceptable to mental illnesses, her eyes turn black whenever things frighten her or her mind is unstable. As well, when her eye color turn to a light purple, she's upset.


Dalit has an extensive knowledge of Hidden Kingdom's history and mythology. She is trained in the ancient art of tags, which include certain symbols ink drawn onto slips of paper that perform certain mystical tasks which she can control.

Trivia Edit

  • Art by zackmolis on deviantart. Dalit was created by Skull-gum on deviantart. (Wikia account is Sodagum)