Hero 108: A New Beginning is a fanfiction featuring a girmdark alternate universe of the original timeline presented in Hero 108. The main focus of this alternate universe is that High Roller defeated Big Green, essentially bringing complete chaos across Hidden Kingdom entirely. The fanfiction has many themes, including action, horror, comedy, and general others.

The fanfiction is planned to have 80 chapters with three parts; Time of Creation(35 chapters), Time of Suspect(20 chapters), and Time of Reveal(25 chapters). Currently there are 33 chapters. The creators of this fanfiction are ARTgazer12 and Skull-gum on deviantart; featuring many other deviants as entering a character into the storyline. Two of the main contributors to the fanfiction include The-Laughing-Lunatic and Sq1udP0ny or P0nyC4an1skulz