Animals, humans, my wife likes to stay out of there affairs, but I wanted peace to return to the Hidden Vally, much to her dismay."

Leon the Dark is a member of Squad Four, he is also the missing Fairy King.


In his costume, Leon has a head that looks like that of a normal human and wears a back cloke that covers the rest of his 'body". If you were to look up the cloke, you would see nothing; this is beacuse there isn't anything up his sleves, or the bottom of his cloke. If he were to take of his head, Leon would reveal his Fairy body. In his Fairy body, he's only two inches tall and wears a typical king's robe. He also has transparent wings.


Leon is, like all Fairies and Pixies, is a pasafist. He'll try to male friends with his foes and only fights if he has to.


Life as Fairy KingEdit

Fairy king lived happily with his wife, Pixie Queen, in Pixary (pixs-ary) castle; located in Cloud City. One day he peered down into "The Land of the Lessers", he than saw the war going on between animals and humans. When he told his wife about this, she only said that they were to stay out of it like they always have. Fairy King decide that he would ignore his wife's order's and go to halp in the war. At first, he decied wanted to assist the animals, but then he learned of Big Green and made a human disguise to join.

Coming to Squad FourEdit

After his dissusis was completed, Fairy king left a note for his wife and left Cloud City. He joined Big Green under he name Leon.