It slips my mind somtimes that tiny is my "little" brother. I'm smaller and weaker than him, but yet, I`m the smarter one.

Little Hart is the smallest member of Squad Four. He is also the older brother of Tiny.


Little Heart is only three feet high and his green, layed-back hair. He wears a black tuxedo.


Little Heart has a stronge sense of justace, but it's more towards animals than humans. He's also extreamly intelligent, able to solve any problem in less than 10 minutes. He takes extream care to uphold ever single rule at Big Green. And, like the rest of the squad, he could care less about what happens to Ape Trully.


Life in the Forgotten WoodsEdit

Little Heart, alonge with his brother, Tiny, was born into a land far north if Big Green called the Forgotten Woods. He was teased by the other children for being so short, and having a dimwitted brother. This bothered Little Heart a lot, but nobody, not even his own parents cared. So he took his little brother and fled the Forgotten Woods.

Life With no RulesEdit

After Little Heart fled the Forgotten Woods, he and his brother lived there lives without rules. For the first few days, little heart enjoyed this freedom. But soon, he fogot to gather food and passed out from the hunger.

Becoming a Squad Four MemberEdit

Little Heart soon woke up in a bed at Big Green. He was then greeted by Ape Trully who explained that his brother had carried hin until they were found by the Tank Army and brought to big green. Little Heart blamed himself for almost getting them killed, so he vowed to always be resposible. He then, alonge with Tiny, join Big Green as members of Squad Four.


Super SmartsEdit

Given the fact that he vowed to be responsible, Little Heart became a super smart person. He is able to solve any problem in under ten minutes.

Swift AgilityEdit

Being so small, Little Heart is extreamly swift.


Little Heart's main weapon is a metal staff nine feet tall. The staff dose differnt things depending on how you twist, pump, cock, pull and/or push it. There are 150 differnt functions. The staff was made for him by Tobio.