"Strong, I must be strong. I have to be strong. I have to be strong to avenge my parent's death."

Sensi Stipes is the leader of Squad Four. He is also half tiger.


Sensi Stripes is tall and wears a white, button down shirt and blue jeans. If he were to take his shirt, it would reaveal that the entire right halfe of his tourso is tiger fur, and just as tuff.


Sensi Stripes isn't really mean, but not really nice either. He loves his squad, but is very strict. Even if they get on hs last nerve, he'll go to any length to protect them. But for anyone else, he won't go as far to protect them. The only reason he saves Ape Trully is that he'll lose his job if he dosn't.



Sensi Stripes was born before the Animal/Human war. His mother had fallen in love with, and married, a tiger. So he was born as a half-tiger under the name Stripes. Both his parent's died when the war started. Saddend by this, Stripes decided to help end the war.

Joining Big GreenEdit

Stripes decided to Big green to help end the war. He joined under the name Sensi Stripes. After being tested for his abilities, he was place as leader for the newly formed Squad four. He quicly got along with the rest of his squad. After Ape Trully's fith capture, he, along with the rest of his squad, got annoied with him. He curently helps keep peace with humans and animals.


Huge ClawEdit

A huge claw that can attach itself to Stripe's skin. It's strong enogh to slice through steel, but it's extreamly slow.

Tiger SkinEdit

Since the entire right side of his tourso is tiger skin, it's exreamly tough.

Above-Average StrengthEdit


An ability that lets Stripes expand his tiger skin and become more tiger-like.

Tiger-Takeover AbilitesEdit

Expanded Tiger SkinEdit

When Stripes activates his Tiger-Takeover, his tiger skin expands to his neck, all the way down to his feet.

Super StrengthEdit

Super SpeedEdit


Aside from having his physical strength and speed enhanced, Stripes is also granted lightning powers