Shadow Skeleton

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Genre: General
Format: Story
Rating: G
Shadow Skeleton

Original art


Shadow Skeleton is an alien member of Big Green. He is one of the many members of Support Squad alongside his friends and siblings


Shadow Skeleton was born on the planet Negvoid, much like all Shadropians. He was the first of ten children born under his father. Shadow's father, which the only name he was known by was Father, raised his ten children to become his aids in planet destroying. Shadow's role was to be a Species Anaylist; he would go to the surface of a planet, observe all different species of creatures, and collect a sample of their DNA. For many years, Shadow did this without fault. He was the most ruthless of his ten siblings.

One planet, however, was different. Shadow became injured while performing his duties. It was then a local alien, went by the name of Gardenia, took care of him. Shadow felt a surge of emotions that he has never felt before. By the time Shadow realized the emotions, he was too late. The planet was destroyed, and Gardenia was killed right before his eyes. After that day, Shadow vowed to change his ways.

It wasn;t until several years later that Shadow was assigned the same task on another planet; Earth. Upon first impressions, the planet seemed similar to most others. Shadow inadvertingly stumbled upon a battle between High Roller's forces and First Squad. At first, he simply stayed and watched. But as he did, he saw how even the same species looked completely different. After carefully meeting up with First Squad, Shadow joined Big Green so he could properly observe everything this planet had to offer.


Shadow, as most Shadropians are, are typically ghost-like in appearance. His body is all black with white markings, giving the appearance of a skeleton. His mouth is filled with sharp teeth and two small ear-like protrusions are placed on the top of his head.


Shadow is a calm and collective being who thinks before he acts. He can be a bit mischevious but when its time to get serious he gets serious. He puts his friends and family above himself.


Shadow is a prime example of a common Shadropian. His abilities include the following:

  • Shapeshifting
  • Invisibility
  • Intangibility
  • Levitation
  • Regeneration
  • Dark Matter Projection
  • Ability Mimicry


  • Art by zackmolis on deviantart. Created by ARTgazer12 on deviantart. (Wikia account is Sodagum)
  • Shadow Skeleton is the first born in the Skeleton family.
  • Shadow is currently in a relationship with Melody.
  • Shadow formally had a crush on Dalit before settling with his current love.