Shadropians are the primary species of the planet Negvoid. Their planet is off on the far and dark edges of the universe.


Shadropians are believed to have been born from the dark matter released when the universe was created. This dark matter collected and combined with the radiating energy from other stars/planets have caused it to spring to life. Their planet, like themselves, is composed with the same energy. The exact year and time these events happened is greatly beyond recorded time.

At the very early years of when Hidden Kingdom began to develop tales of a mysterious race of creatures that "rained from the heavens" and "took forms of familar." These were indeed the Shadropians, who attempted the first planet takeover. They would have succeeded if it wasn't for the discovery of their greatest weakness; tags. These simple printed tags held the exact opposite energy that caused pain to the Shadropians. Enough contact with one, and with the right symbol, they could even die. Eventually the species fled the planet entirely, but not without one making one final vow for a return.

Millions of years have past since that day. Shadropians, after the fall of their leader, began to become a more peaceful planet. Their planet holds the backup DNA for any and all extinct species found on any planet. Even though their species hides amongst other planets in the universe, their intentions are not hostile.


Shadropians can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. These varieties are a source of experiences during their development stage. The common appearence for a Shadropian involve black skin with white markings, the markings generally matching the shape of their skeleton. All Shadropians have pointed teeth.


Shadropians share a unique form of reproduction. It is a combined for of both asexual and sexual reproduction. Between two of their kind, the two parents merge their bodies together, creating one single mass. As they seperate, a small fragment of their combined state, an egg, is left behind. This is where the most vital of all developments occur for a Shadropian. In their egg-like state, the offspring is highly acceptable to changes. If the egg is experienced to extreme warm or cold temperatures, their bodies will develop to adapt to that kind of environment. Under certain emotions such as anger or sadness, their bodies will change color. If an egg comes into contact with another species, their bodies will adapt to match or mimic the species. The egg itself takes over a year to hatch on its own.


Shadropians can adapt and mimic other abilities, some are even born with unique powers. Common Shadropians come with the following powers:

  • Levitation
  • Intangibility
  • Invisibility
  • Immortality
  • Dark Matter Projectiles

Notable MembersEdit

  • Skeleton Family
    • Shadow Skeleton
    • Shada Skeleton
    • Wodahs Skeleton
    • Portal Skeleton
    • Atmos Skeleton
    • Leech Skeleton
    • Micim Skeleton
    • Bones Skeleton
    • Ghoul Skeleton
    • Scoprio Skeleton
  • Skahl
  • Carda
  • Verte