Tiny not smart, Tiny knows. But you know what, Tiny don't care. Tiny strong. Tiny can protect little bro.

Tiny is the largest (but most dimwitted) member of Squad Four. He is also Little Hearts little brother, but thinks himself as the "big" brother becase he's larger.


Tiny is roughly ten feet tall and bald. His body is extreamly large and he wears only pants.


Tiny dimwitted but kind hearted. He gets extreamly mad if anyone hurts his friends. He's also extreamly gullible.


Life in the Fogotten WoodsEdit

Tiny, along with his brother Little Heart, was born in a land far to the north of Big Green called The Forgotten Woods. Even though he was younger, Tiny always viewed himself as Little Heart's "big" brother, due to the fact that he was bigger. He was always teased for being so dimwitted, but never understood what his bullies were saying. The only thing he ever knew was that he had to proctect his brother.

Leaving HomeEdit

One night, Little Heart woke Tiny up in the middle of the night, and said that they were going on a really long trip. Tiny agreed to go with him. Tiny sort of enjoyed his new surroundings, having never been outside the Forgotten Woods. He was able to surive without food due to his size. But Little Heart couldn't and passed out.

Coming to Big GreenEdit

At first Tiny was puzzel, wondering why Little Heart had suddenly started "takeing a nap". Then He realized that he must of been "tired" of this trip and wanted to go home. So he picked Little heart up and started walking, the completly oppsite way of the Forgotten Woods. After about ten minutes, Tiny found the Tank Army, who took them to Big Green. Shortly afterwards, they joined Fourth Squad.


Club SkillsEdit

Tiny's main weapon is a club. The thing he knows how to do best is smash stuff with it.

Powerful StrengthEdit

Tiny is all bron and no brains. He punch stuff hard, without thinking too hard about it.

Iron GutEdit

Tiny's gut is so strong, it can take a whales cannon fire.


Using a speacil drug, Tiny can grow to a hight of fifty stories.

Super-Size AbilitiesEdit

Jumbo AxEdit

When Tiny becomes "Super-Sized"', his club is somehow replaced by an ax, fit for his size.

Jumbo ArmorEdit

Tiny somehow gains armor when he "Super-Sizes". Added to his already tough gut, he can withstand most damage.

Inhanced Physical AbilitiesEdit

When Tiny Super-Sizes, so due his strengths.


Tiny is losely based of of Hurricane Lee